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Solvent Reservoirs

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• How to identify common HPLC laboratory solvent storage vessels

Although many container types and sizes are available, some of the more commonly used varieties in the laboratory are GL45, GL38 (sometimes known as "38-430") and GL32 glass bottles. VapLock caps are made to fit these standard sizes. Perhaps the most common reservoir of all, the GL45 lab bottle, is available for purchase. This glassware is manufactured byDuran® and is available in clear, plastic coated, and pressure-tested versions.

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BT45-025B Clear, 250 mL, Pressure-Tested Clear 250 mL N/A
BT45-05B Clear, 500 mL, Pressure-Tested Clear 500 mL N/A
BT45-1B Clear, 1 Liter, Pressure-Tested Clear 1 L N/A
BT45-1BP Clear, 1 Liter, Pressure-Tested, Plastic Coated Clear 1 L N/A
BT45-01 Clear 100 mL Clear 100 mL N/A
BT45-01P Clear 100 mL, Plastic Safety Coated Clear 100 mL N/A
BT45-01A Amber 100 mL, Non-Coated Amber 100 mL N/A
BT45-025 Clear 250 mL Clear 250 mL N/A
BT45-025P Clear 250 mL, Plastic Safety Coated Clear 250 mL N/A
BT45-025A Amber 250 mL, Non-Coated Amber 250 mL N/A
BT45-05 Clear 500 mL Clear 500 mL N/A
BT45-05P Clear 500 mL, Plastic Safety Coated Clear 500 mL N/A
BT45-05A Amber 500 mL, Non-Coated Amber 500 mL N/A
BT45-1 Clear 1 Liter Clear 1 L N/A
BT45-1P Clear 1 Liter, Plastic Safety Coated Clear 1 L N/A
BT45-1A Amber 1 Liter, Non-Coated Amber 1 L N/A
BT45-2 Clear 2 Liter Clear 2 L N/A
BT45-2P Clear 2 Liter, Plastic Safety Coated Clear 2 L N/A
BT45-2A Amber 2 Liter, Non-Coated Amber 2 L N/A
BT45-5 Clear 5 Liter Clear 5 L N/A
BT45-5P Clear 5 Liter, Plastic Safety Coated Clear 5 L N/A
BT45-5A Amber 5 Liter, Non-Coated Amber 5 L N/A
  Results 1 - 22 of 22 1 
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