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Tubing Connections

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For 1/4-28 and 5/16-24 UNF Ports
Compression fittings designed for liquid-tight connection of semi-rigid tubing to fl at-bottom 1/4-28 and 5/16-24 port threads, for tubing diameters 1/16” to 3/16” OD. Each connection is comprised of a two-piece nut and ferrule system, useful for pressurized applications under 500 psi. Make a selection based on your tubing outside diameter (OD); fittings are color-coded by tubing size for easy identification. These bottom-sealing UNF fittings do not require PTFE tape. Part numbers ending “X” denote a pack of 10 fittings.

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AQ-108 TUBING CONNECTION, 4.0mm OD tubing x 5/16-24, natural Kel-Ferrule. 5/16-24 in 4.0 mm Brown
AQ-109 TUBING CONNECTION, 4.0mm OD tubing x 5/16-24, natural Kel-F ferrule. 5/16-24 in 3/16 in White
AQ-150X TUBING CONNECTION, 1/16” OD tubing x 1/4-28, Green Polypropylene fitting, Blue Tefzel ferrule. 10/PK 1/4-28 in 1/16 in Green/Blue
AQ-151X TUBING CONNECTION, 1.8-2.0mm OD tubing x 1/4-28, Red Polypropylene fitting, Green Tefzel ferrule. 10/PK 1/4-28 in 2.0 mm Red/Green
AQ-152X TUBING CONNECTION 2.2mm (.085) OD tubing x 1/4-28, Black Polypropylene fitting, PTFE ferrule 1/4-28 in 2.2 mm Blk/White
AQ-153X TUBING CONNECTION, 2.5mm OD tubing x 1/4-28, Orange Polypropylene fitting, Natural Tefzel ferrule. 10/PK 1/4-28 in 2.5 mm Org/Nat
AQ-154X TUBING CONNECTION 3.0mm OD tubing x 1/4-28 Yellow Polypropylene fitting Orange Tefzel ferrule Pack of 10 1/4-28 in 3.0 mm Yell/Org
AQ-155X TUBING CONNECTION 1/8 OD tubing x 1/4-28 Blue Polypropylene fitting Yellow Tefzel ferrule Pack of 10 1/4-28 in 1/8 in Blu/Yell
UC-004 1/4-28 PEEK Union, 0.05" ID Bore 1/4-28 in N/A N/A
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1 
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