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Item # EF-102, Carbon Filters

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Colorimetric Change
Designed to detect the end-of-service life for Vaplock exhaust filters, breakthrough indicators respond under exposure to organic solvent vapors. Final effects display within minutes or hours of exposure. Color saturation varies by solvent. Replace the exhaust filter when a variation occurs. Housing is acrylic, with borosilicate glass option available.

Multiple Solvent Detection
Breakthrough Indicators may be used with the following chemicals. This list is not comprehensive. Please inquire for detection of other organic solvents: Acetone, Acetonitrile, Acids (i.e. Acetic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Trifl oroacetic Acid, Trichloroacetic Acid), Acrylonitrile, Aliphatic hydrocarbons (i.e. Hexane), Aromatic Hydrocarbons (i.e. Benzene, Toluene and Xylenes), Chlorinated hydrocarbons (i.e. Carbon Tetrachloride, Chloroform and Methylene Chloride), Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Acrylate, Ethyl Ether, Gasoline, HFIP (Hexafl uoroisopropanol), Methanol, Methyl Acrylate, Naphtha, Phenol, Sulfolane, THF (Tetrahydrofuran).

Product Usage
Not for use in the presence of basic vapors in high concentrations (i.e. Pyridine and aliphatic amines), which impair performance of the indicator. Does not respond to gaseous aliphatic hydrocarbons or aldehydes. Avoid Exposure to heat or direct sunlight. Use only at room temperature. Shelf life is 12 months. For analytical research purposes only.



BREAKTHROUGH INDICATOR for Vaplock exhaust filters



California Proposition 65 Warning

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