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Item # JT-08500, Antistatic Wires

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  • Two Polypropylene or Stainless Steel quick disconnects permit simple attachment of one inlet and one vent
  • Antistatic Wires
Ideal for HPLC use, Justrite® Centura™ containers streamline the waste containment and disposal process by providing a simple means of connecting waste and vent lines. FM approved, the containers are designed with a spring-loaded closure that opens when contents are subjected to pressure, for explosion safety. Containers are molded of translucent Polyethylene to show fluid level. When ordering, note that quick disconnects will only mate with like materials, i.e., stainless disconnects with stainless. Note that the disconnects mounted on all containers have a 3/8" drain orifice. Also note that Justrite® containers should be grounded with Antistatic Wires while in use, and especially while emptying the container.

Reduce Fire Risks From Static Electricity
Antistatic wires reduce spark danger from static electricity generated by movement and flow of flammable liquids. Bonding between containers during liquid transfer, and connecting drums to an earth ground are required under Federal and local codes.



Antistatic Wire, Dual Alligator Clips, 3'




3 ft

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