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Accessories For Chemical Handling


Soft and Hard Wall Tube Fittings (43 items)
For 1/4” NPT and 1/2” NPT Ports - Compression fittings are designed for liquid-tight connection of
semi-rigid tubing to NPT ports.

Tools and Toolkits (2 items)
Tubing Gauge that accurately measures the inner and outer diameters of waste tubing.
Vaplock Toolkit is great for quick installation of tubing connections on Vaplock™ manifolds.

Bottle Thread Adapters (4 items)
Vaplock™ thread adapters are designed to convert standard GL38 bottles (glass thread 38-430 finish),
Nalgene® 38-430 plastic bottles, and Merck S40 bottles for use with Vaplock™ GL45 caps.

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Soft and Hard Wall Tube Fittings

Tools and Toolkits

Bottle Thread Adapters


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